Welcome to Rose Gold Creations

This is the web site for rose gold creations. Rose gold creations is hand made jewelery from the visually impaired.
Web site created by Hayden

How Rose Gold Creations Was founded

Rose gold creations was founded by hayden. Rose gold creations was created because it brings me joy. It makes me very happy and keeps me busy. I also love hearing how happy people are when they receive there creation! I love making the jewelery by hand every single day and then posting it on face book to sell. I am blind so making jewelry is very fun for me, because it isn't that visual and it is very hands on!

Places you can find Rose gold creations

Facebook: search Rose Gold Creations Instagram: @creations_rosegold

contact information

if you want to buy something from rose gold, contact me with one of the methods below: Message me on my Facebook page: Rose Gold Creations, or Instagram page: @creations_rosegold, or email the rose gold creations email: creations.rosegold13@gmail.com. Thank you and have a nice day!